Upcoming Concerts with Elise Mannah

A few months ago the new CD of Elise Mannah entitled NU was released. The time has come to promote the record with 5 theatre shows. The band will consist of Frank van Essen- Percussion and Violin, Henk Doest- Piano and Accordion and me On Acoustic, Electric and even some Banjo!

Flyer Elise Tour

A couple of projects i’ve been working on in the last couple of months

Hey There,

i know it’s been a while since the last time i posted something..well, a while is an understatement, more than a year to be exact…

But, with new found spirit and enthusiasm, i’m gonna try and keep this website a little more up to date šŸ™‚ First off i want to tell you about this band i’ve joined recently. It’s called Cape Canaveral and we make this mix of poppy, spacey synth style music. The last couple of months we’ve been working very hard on our first EP and you can listen to it on Spotify. It’s also available for purchase onĀ iTunes. Also nice to know: This EP is my first venture into producing!

Also make sure to visit theĀ WebsiteCC Ep front


I’ve also played a few songs on the new cd ofĀ Elise Mannah, mainly acoustics.


You can listen to some samplesĀ here

It’s also available on Spotify and iTunes





Hello and welcome!

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Hello, welcome to my new website! This is a first for me, so be patient and give me a little time to figure this all out, but i’ll make sure to add some content in the next few weeks!